Want everyone to turn up to that early breakfast meeting?

* NOTE: All prices exclude GST.

** Some platters are served on plastic trays and some on brown cardboard trays, depending on their contents. Please let us know when ordering if you have a certain preference.

Breakfast Spreads

Priced per person. 6 guests minimum

Served as a communal platter, all packages come with bottled water. Please indicate on checkout if you require disposable plates, napkins and cutlery.

Breakfast Option 1.

Assorted filled savoury croissants, sweet muffins and seasonal fruit platter.


Breakfast Option 2.

Brekkie wraps, banana bread and seasonal fruit platter


Breakfast Option 3.

Breakfast frittata (gf), granola cup and seasonal fruit platter


Individual Items

Minimum of 6 per item

Assorted Pastry Selection

A selection of house baked muffins, croissants and banana bread



Baked fresh daily and served with butter and jam


Filled Croissants

Baked fresh daily and filled with a selection of mouth-watering savoury fillings


Banana Bread

Served with butter


Granola Cups

with creamy Greek yoghurt and berry compote



Baked daily


Breakfast Wrap

Fluffy scrambled egg and tasty bacon rolled in a soft tortilla


Breakfast Frittata

with bacon, vegies and rocket


Brekkie Quiche

with bacon, onion and parmesan



Breakfast Boxes

Minimum of 6 guests - Perfect option for a quick start or if you're limited for time.


Please indicate on checkout if you require disposable plates, napkins and cutlery.

Choose between a breakfast frittata, filled savoury croissant or breakfast wrap


Granola cup layered with berry compote

Muffin or Croissant

Bottled water

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